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  • Celebrities Wear Short Hairstyles

    80 Ways Celebrities Wear Short Hairstyles

    It’s high time to go for short haircuts, because they are gaining more and more popularity day after day. Before getting your desired chopped cut, you need to think twice, because there is no going back to natural long hair for a long time. So consult with a professional stylist and together pick a short […]

  • Celebrity Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

    80 Celebrity Inspired Holiday Hairstyles to Update Your Look

    Whether you are celebrating Christmas or New Year, you will need to go through different hairstyles to create a perfect holiday look to amaze everyone. Celebrity hairstyles and looks are always a good idea to browse through, because they will refresh your mind and inspire new ideas. To help you have a stunning look for […]

  • Lovely Short Shag Haircuts To Inspire You

    100 Lovely Short Shag Haircuts To Inspire You

    Looking for a short and sexy haircut? You should definitely consider short shaggy haircuts, because they will make you look stylish and edgy. There are so many diverse looks that you can easily create with short shaggy hairstyles, which are basically layered short haircuts with accentuated hair ends. And the best thing is that this […]

  • Delicious Caramel Hair Color Ideas

    100 Caramel Hair Color Ideas For February 2017

    The ideas for different types of hair dyed in caramel color palette are endless. They all look candy sweet and shine like the sun. Caramel hair shades can vary from very dark ones up to sun-kissed and golden strands. After getting acquainted with the list of the most delicious caramel hair color ideas presented below, […]

  • Lovely Hairstyles for Long Faces

    100 Lovely Hairstyles for Long Faces

    If you have a long or oblong face and are looking for some hairdo solutions to look gorgeous, these 100 mesmerizing hairstyles for long faces are exactly your cup of tea! Long faces are basically a bit longer rather than wider. There are several simple rules one needs to follow to avoid hairstyle faux pas. […]

  • Amazing Braided Hairstyles for Black and White Women

    100 Amazing Braided Hairstyles for Black and White Women

    Braided hairstyles have always been around for centuries and you are extremely wrong if you think it is Kim Kardashian with her center-parted boxer braids who has recently made it popular, because braids started 30,000 years ago. The fact is braided hairstyles do not need celebrities to popularize them, as they are so comfortable and […]

  • Cool Ways to Wear Long Hair

    100 Ways to Wear Long Hair In March 2017

    Long hairstyles are always the trend of the year, as they provide a thrilling and a striking look when styled in a cool way. No matter whether your hair is super straight or wavy by nature, there are numerous chic ways to get the best hairstyle, if you just reach for the right tools and […]

  • Balayage Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Dye Your Hair

    70 Balayage Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Dye Your Hair

    Balayage hair has a French origin and may be described as a special technique of dyeing hair to get a fashion-forward look. The aim of this unique technique is to achieve subtle highlights, which make traditional ways of hair dyeing give place to modern ones. Compared with traditional hair dyeing techniques, which require applying foils […]

  • Stylish Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

    100 Stylish Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

    Bob haircuts are one of the best options for women with fine hair. A cool bob, styled at any length, requires less time and efforts. No matter whether you wear your bob haircut at the chin-length or make it go down your collarbone, it remains an ideal version for fine hair. You may easily experiment […]

  • Chic Updo Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

    80 Chic Updo Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

    Updo hairstyles are the best options to go for to finish off your party look with a chic touch and elevate your cocktail or evening look. Celebrities in this case can be the ultimate source of inspiration offering something mesmerizing for any style, hair length and texture. Just pick a proper gown and a glamorous […]