80 Fiery Red Hair Color Ideas for Women

Fall is already close, which means that it is your chance to give a try to various hair color ideas. There are countless options to stick to if you want to look different, but red hair colors for women are perhaps the best options for the autumnal season. You are offered both green and violet shades, but fiery red hair colors remain the most striking for women. There are numerous undertones of red, so you should be careful when choosing the perfect red hair color for you, taking your personal features and taste into account.

Red Hair Color Ideas for Women

It seems that the fiery red hair color dominates in the fashion industry with mahogany and cherry options. To help you make the right choice, we have put together 80 red hair color ideas, from auburn to rose to deep red. Have a look at them and decide which one goes ideally with your features.

1. Ardent Red Hair Color Idea for Women

You are mistaken if you consider that red hair colors are worn rarely. The ardent red color is able to provide depth and thickness to your hair. To get the fiery red hair color, you are advised to reach for the permanent hair dye or just opt for the temporary one.
You may either bleach your hair or skip it, taking into account the intensity level you desire to get. Testing the color on the strand is crucial to achieve the desired effect.
There exist so many red hair shades. You may give a try to bold red or one with an orange undertone. Copper red is also a great option to experiment with. In case you want to go darker, you may stick to the deep red and bright burgundy options.

Ardent Red Hair Color Idea for Women

2. Pink-Red Hair Color Idea with Highlights in a Yellow Shade

In case you are looking for a red color idea to update your look, give a try to this exquisite combination. Yellow highlights will emphasize the beauty of your hot red hair even more.

Pink-Red Hair Color Idea with Highlights in a Yellow Shade

3. Ravishing Auburn Hair Color

Have a look at Ashlee Simpson’s auburn hair color, suitable for each woman. She definitely didn’t make a mistake by revamping her blonde locks with this fantastic shade and wearing her long hair with an off-center parting and a parted fringe.

Ravishing Auburn Hair Color

4. Deep Garnet Hair Color for Women

In case you are into a darker shade of red and want to try it on your tresses, you are advised to copy Lily Collins’ deep garnet hair color. She rocks this amazing color on her side-sectioned lob hairstyle and teams it with a smoky eye makeup and black gown.

Deep Garnet Hair Color for Women

5. Auburn Hair Color

Brie Larson gave a try to the gorgeous auburn hair color and embellished it with vintage inspired waves. She rocked her medium-length hair with a side section and went for a dark red lipstick to finish off the look.

Auburn Hair Color

6. Gorgeous Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany is among the best red hair color ideas worth trying. If you have naturally dark hair, you had better experiment with this astounding shade, as it requires less effort to get. Mahogany brown with its red undertones is one of the trendiest hair colors of the year, going parallel to Marsala. The advantage of the mahogany hair color is that there is no need of bleaching and you may easily get it at home.

Gorgeous Mahogany Hair Color

7. Multi-Colored Red Hair

Though pastel shades are super trendy this year, we can’t ignore the great impact and popularity of rainbow red hair. Dye your beautiful locks in rainbow colors with red highlights and you are sure to attract lots of attention. To look more impressive with this hair color, you had better have long hair.

Multi-Colored Red Hair

8. Brown Hair Color with Red Undertones

Kate Mara shows how to look cool with her trendy hair color. She inspires women with her brunette hair with red undertones. Kate Mara keeps her look stylish by side sectioning her mahogany brown locks and putting both the sides behind the ears.

Brown Hair Color with Red Undertones

9. Eye-Catching Copper Hair Color

Take your inspiration from Sophie Turner if you are looking for a cool version of a fiery red hair color. She experiments with a copper shade on her long tresses and pulls them to one side for a statement look.

Eye-Catching Copper Hair Color

10. Dark Red Hair Shade

Maggie Q dyed her stunning locks in one of the hottest red hair colors of the year. She gave a try to the darker version of the red hue and went for a deep side section with a long front piece, covering the eye. The red-haired celebrity matched her gorgeous outfit with a statement necklace.

Dark Red Hair Shade

11. Cute Chocolate Cherry Hair Color Idea

Chocolate cherry hair is ideal for women looking for a deep brown hair color with red hints. If you have brown locks and want to refresh your look, you had better try this chocolate cherry shade. It will help you stay away from looking drastic.

Cute Chocolate Cherry Hair Color Idea

12. Fiery Red Hair Color with Orange Undertones

In case you have doubts whether red hair suits you or not, you may start testing different shades of red. There are various hues of red, which means you may choose the one, which best flatters you. Consider this fantastic ombre red hair, created with the orangey red hue. The top part is left darker for a bold look, gradually brightening to the ends. The secret of achieving the desired effect is the technique of blending.

Fiery Red Hair Color with Orange Undertones

13. Radiant Red Hair Shade

For the SAG Awards, Julianne Moore went for a radiant red hair color and gave her hairstyle a modern touch by creating a middle section. This hair color looks perfect with her splendid gown in a green shade.

Radiant Red Hair Shade

14. Dark Orange Hair Color Idea for Girls

Have a look at Hannah Murray and you will get convinced of the impressive look of her dark orange hair tone. She skipped dyeing her hair in a vibrant red shade and made a decision of experimenting with the burnt orange version for a feminine look.

Dark Orange Hair Color Idea for Girls

15. Chocolate Brown Hair Color with Red Undertones

Amanda Righetti managed to create an elegant look with her brown tresses, embellished with red undertones. This hue suits her complexion perfectly and goes ideally with her bright-toned gown. Sweeping her long side-sectioned locks to one side, Amanda Righetti topped off her graceful look.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color with Red Undertones

16. Dark Cherry Hair Shade

Deep red and dark cherry hair colors go parallel with each other. The dark cherry shade includes red and deep brown undertones. Consider that the base of the dark cherry is a deep brown hue. This amazing version of red hair is gorgeous for women, who are blessed with black locks.

Dark Cherry Hair Shade

17. Cool Ombre with Bright Red Hair Tone

There are countless ways of pulling off the red hair trend. Ombre is one of the most glamorous versions of demonstrating the beauty of the bright red hue. To show off the perfect transition of red hues, you may leave your hair super sleek or go for gorgeous curls to achieve depth and dimension.

Cool Ombre with Bright Red Hair Tone

18. Reddish-Brown Hair Color

Kristen Stewart’s hairstylist managed to give the celebrity a statement look by dyeing her tresses in a russet shade. Pulling her reddish-brown locks up into a cool updo and leaving several curly strands loose at the front, she got a whimsical look.

Reddish-Brown Hair Color

19. Cute Copper Hair Tone

In case you avoid looking bold but adore the red hair color, you may experiment with the copper shade, taking your inspiration from Emma Roberts. She sported her copper locks in a sleek way and went for a side section, hiding the sides behind the ears. The white off-shoulder gown and the bright lipstick complemented the celebrity’s chic look.

Cute Copper Hair Tone

20. Long Curly Auburn Locks

This reddish-brown hair color is one of the best choices that Alicia Vikander has ever worn. She topped off her feminine look with this popular hair color and embellished it with lovely curls for a show stopping look. Bringing her pretty tresses to one side and pulling off a strapless gown, Alicia Vikander made a great impression on everyone.

Long Curly Auburn Locks

21. Pretty Ombre with Red Hair

Probably you don’t dare to dye all your hair in a bold red shade. In this case you are advised to give a try to the popular ombre red hairstyle, as you will be able to skip applying this fiery shade on all your locks. The roots are darker and the shade gradually becomes lighter when getting to the ends. The advantage of this style is that you may experiment with any tone of red when creating the ombre hairstyle.

Pretty Ombre with Red Hair

22. Vibrant Red Hair Color

Being blessed with vibrant red tresses is a great advantage for women, who desire to look hot and stylish. You may easily highlight the stunning color of your locks by opting for a bob hairstyle with disheveled waves. To get this astounding look, you should just make your hair curly with the help of a flat iron and give a messy vibe to the ‘do. The final step of this hairstyling process should be the use of hairspray.

Vibrant Red Hair Color

23. Gorgeous Russet Locks

Debra Messing’s hair color choice is fantastic, as it provides trendiness and coolness to her look. She opted for the russet hair shade, which added dimension and thickness to her wavy locks. The middle section made her hairstyle look graceful and astonishing.

Gorgeous Russet Locks

24. Cool Highlights in an Amber Tone

To look divine and cute, take your inspiration from Emma Stone’s hot hair color idea. She embellished her beautiful locks with cool highlights in a lovely amber shade. To add extra charm to her look, the redhead celebrity brought her tresses up into a fabulous updo hairstyle with a loose strand framing her face.

Cool Highlights in an Amber Tone

25. Curly Auburn Tresses

To embrace a flirty look, Debra Messing added a lovely auburn color to her thick tresses and went for textured curls. This middle-sectioned curly hairstyle made the redhead celebrity catch everyone’s attention.

Curly Auburn Tresses

26. Fantastic Red Highlights

Red highlights are worth wearing if you want to rock the trendy color of the year. You may easily create this style with the help of a highlighting kit. The difficulty lies in the right choice of the red color. In case of having dark brown locks, the dark red shade is the best match. Highlights in a mahogany shade should be considered for medium brunette locks. To look bold with your blonde tresses, you are recommended opting for the light red hair color.

Fantastic Red Highlights

27. Various-Toned Braided Hairstyle

When you decide to embellish your tresses with several hair tones, like orange, red, blue or pink, you had better go for the pretty braided hairstyle. It is able to mix these shades together and provide thickness to your locks. Wear the braid on one side of your head and leave the rest of the hair loose and wavy.

Various-Toned Braided Hairstyle

28. Coppery Brown Hair Color Idea

Emma Stone doesn’t cease to astound everyone with her cool hair colors and hairstyles. She dyed her hair in a coppery brown color and became an inspiration for women who want to experiment with the red hair color. She rocked her red hair in a cute updo hairstyle with a side-layered fringe.

Coppery Brown Hair Color Idea

29. Golden Strawberry Hair Color

Lauren Ambrose made her curly locks stand out by choosing one of the best red hair color ideas. She opted fora golden strawberry hair tone and experimented with it on her long curls for a more celestial look.

Golden Strawberry Hair Color

30. Reddish-Brown Hair Color

To look glamorous and chic, Laura Michelle went for a reddish-brown hair color and added vintage-inspired curls on her medium-length locks. The bright lipstick and the matching gown went perfectly with her stunning hair color.

Reddish-Brown Hair Color

31. Hair Dyeing in Two Tones

Two-tone hair dyeing has much in common with the stylish ombre hair. The difference is that you will only need to go for a hair section dyeing. In case you have brunette tresses, you may apply the red dye only on the top part of your hair and leave the rest in the natural shade. The opposite version is also a great idea to give a try.

Hair Dyeing in Two Tones

32. Fiery Red Wavy Locks

In case you are keen on wearing a bright red hair color and are looking for a modern version, here is this two-toned option for you. Enjoy your fashionable look by embellishing the top part of your hair with a dark burgundy shade and choosing the orangey-red tone for the ends.

Fiery Red Wavy Locks

33. Bright Brown Hair Color

Amy Adams achieved a delicate look by pulling off a high ponytail hairstyle with a sleek top. She gave her locks a modern vibe by opting for the auburn shade, accentuating it with bright brown highlights. The red lipstick brought her look to perfection.

Bright Brown Hair Color

34. Dark Auburn Shade on the Messy Waves

Julianne Moore teamed her off-shoulder black gown with a dark auburn hair color, becoming a great source of inspiration for women. Giving a messy touch to her red hair and opting for a middle section, the celebrity created her sweet look.

Dark Auburn Shade on the Messy Waves

35. Deep Red Hair Color

Women with dark brown locks would like to go for a color change and opt for a modern version. Kasia Smutniak’s dark red hair color may be bravely copied if you are seeking for something popular and soft. The gorgeous celebrity pulled off her red bob with a middle section, soft waves and blunt ends.

Deep Red Hair Color

36. Long Curls with Soft Ombre

If you don’t have enough courage to dye all your tresses in a red tone, you may try the subtle ombre look. You may stick to your dark roots and experiment with the bright red hue starting from the middle part and stretching to the ends. The advantage of this style is that you don’t need to worry about the grown-out roots. To show the ardent color in its best way, add lovely curls to your hair.

Long Curls with Soft Ombre

37. Cinnamon Red Braided Updo

Brown-haired women may get tired of their color and look for an updated version. Kirsten Dunst is ready to inspire you with her cinnamon red hair shade. Her crown braided updo in a subtle reddish tone is the key to her graceful red carpet look.

Cinnamon Red Braided Updo

38. Brilliant Copper Updo

Christina Hendricks brightened her complexion even more by applying the brilliant copper hair color on her beautiful locks. Wearing her cool updo with a parted fringe and pulling off metallic gold earrings, the redhead celebrity managed to get a doll-y look.

Brilliant Copper Updo

39. Bright Red Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Create a chic look, emulating Queen Latifah’s low ponytail hairstyle, rocked with the bright red hair tone. She wore her ponytail in a sleek way and went for a side section for a more dramatic look.

Bright Red Low Ponytail Hairstyle

40. Hints of Hot Red Hair Color

To accentuate your jet-black tresses even more and give them a bold vibe, you may team them with hints of hot red hair color. The achieved contrast will be breathtaking no matter what kind of hairstyle you opt for.

Hints of Hot Red Hair Color

41. Sophisticated Auburn Hairstyle

To look edgy and glamorous, you are advised to copy Lana Del Rey’s long wavy hairstyle with a side section. To highlight the boldness of her look, the celebrity opted for a sophisticated auburn hair color, which provided extra texture to her locks. The dark lipstick managed to complement the beautiful color of her tresses.

Sophisticated Auburn Hairstyle

42. Experimenting with the Strawberry Champagne Hair Color

Strawberry champagne is among the best red hair color ideas for women. Have a look at Jessica Chastain and you would probably like to wear her exquisite hair color and a cool wavy lob hairstyle. The redhead celebrity chose a lovely gown in a green shade for a fabulous contrast.

Experimenting with the Strawberry Champagne Hair Color

43. Reddish-Brown Hair Color Idea

Kate Middleton gave her reddish-brown locks a cool vibe by adding subtle waves at the ends and making them fall loosely over the shoulders. She sported a bright red gown, creating a gorgeous contrast with her mahogany locks. The statement earrings, made of pearls, were the right accessories for her glamorous look.

Reddish-Brown Hair Color Idea

44. Neon Hair Colors on a Braided Hairstyle

To give your braided hairstyle a brighter vibe, consider hot red hair colors. Experiment with neon shades, such as bright yellow together with orange. To achieve the desired effect, go for the turtle-shell dyeing process and get a mosaic look. For a magical look, style your neon locks in a dramatic braid and let it shine.

Neon Hair Colors on a Braided Hairstyle

45. Caramel Red Hair Color

Here is a great example of demonstrating your fabulous locks in a red coloring. Take your inspiration from Khloe Kardashian and replace your brown tresses with a caramel hair color.This striking hair tone looks even more fascinating when sported on the disheveled wavy hairstyle.

Caramel Red Hair Color

46. Messy Waves on Golden Red Hair

Amy Poehler avoided looking too bold and stayed away from any bright red hair color. Instead, she tried a softer version of the red hair color, experimenting with the golden red tone. The messy waves on her medium-length tresses and the stunning hair color made her look appear more feminine.

Messy Waves on Golden Red Hair

47. Bold Red Short Pixie Hairstyle

Upgrade your short pixie haircutby adding subtle layers and a vivid hair color, like the red one. This punk inspired pixie hairstyle should be well cared for if you want to highlight the gloss of your hair color and attract attention.

Bold Red Short Pixie Hairstyle

48. Dark Red Hair Color Idea for Women

To embrace a signature look, you are offered to take inspiration from Christina Hendricks. She dyed her bob in a dark red hair color, mixing it perfectly with the brown shade of her locks. The redhead celebrity curled the ends of her bob for a fashionable vibe and coated her sweet lips with a fiery red lipstick, getting a princess look.

Dark Red Hair Color Idea for Women

49. Warm Rose Curly Locks

We offer you another fiery red hair color idea to try this season. Warm rose is one of the trendiest undertones of redhair worth wearing. Isla Fisher may be your inspiration with her glamorous hair color and pretty curls. She went for a side section and added texture to her locks for a show-stopping look. The red lipstick and the white gown were the necessary details for a complete look.

Warm Rose Curly Locks

50. Cute Ombre with Black and Dark Red Shades

Nicole Warne embellished her asymmetrical bob hairstyle with a chic ombre, playing with black and dark red tones. The roots were darker, while the deep red tone started from the middle section of her hair. She wore her straight hair with a side section and teamed it with round earrings for a fabulous look.

Cute Ombre with Black and Dark Red Shades

51. Crimson Pixie Hairstyle

To look fierce with your curly locks, you are advised to try trimming it. Cut your hair into a short pixie hairstyle and spice it up with a bold red hair color, adding yellow hints as well.

Crimson Pixie Hairstyle

52. Wine-Colored Long Tresses

Rose Leslie embraced a head-turning look with her long tresses dyed in a wine shade. To keep her look wild she spiced up her middle-sectioned crimson locks with a dark cherry lipstick and statement earrings.

Wine-Colored Long Tresses

53. Super Sleek Strawberry Blonde Tresses

Women try to do their best to follow the latest hair color trends of the year. Being afraid of looking fierce, some give a try to other gorgeous ideas of the red hair color. Amy Adams went for a strawberry blonde hue and made her shoulder-grazing hair super sleek with a side section. The black and white striped gown with the dangling earrings topped off her fascinating look.

Super Sleek Strawberry Blonde Tresses

54. Chocolate Red Hair Color

Women of 50 may take their inspiration from Isabelle Huppert when seeking for a fashionable red hair color. She rocked a chocolate red hair color and spiced it up with curls and a side fringe.

Chocolate Red Hair Color

55. Ardent Red Hair Color

To make your hairstyle stand out and make everyone lose their heads when looking at you, experiment with the ardent red hair tone and go for the shaved look. Create an interesting design on the shaved side and team it with your textured wavy and bold-hued hairstyle. The pink lipstick will be the final touch for an eccentric look.

Ardent Red Hair Color

56. Chic Mulberry Hair Color Idea for Women

Jessica Chastain sported the dark shade of fiery red hair and spiced it up with chocolate-brown highlights. The mulberry shade looked great with messy waves added to her shoulder-length hairstyle, and teamed with a full fringe.

Chic Mulberry Hair Color Idea for Women

57. Amber Toned Long Wavy Hairstyle

Florence Welch opted for one of the most striking red hair color ideas, popular for this season. She gave a try to the cool amber shade and wore her long locks with disheveled waves. The full fringe was added to provide extra elegance and sophistication to her amber locks. The wide-brimmed hat in a black shade made her gorgeous hair color even more eye-catching.

Amber Toned Long Wavy Hairstyle

58. Pretty Auburn Hair Color

To look lovely, you may copy Anna Kendrick’s pretty auburn tresses, spiced up with loose disheveled waves. Wearing this great option of red hair color and matching it with a white off-shoulder gown, the celebrity astounded her fans at the premiere.

Pretty Auburn Hair Color

59. Eye-Catching Ombre with Red, Yellow and Orange Shades

To inspire your friends with your fiery red hair color and create a subtle look, you had better blend three vivid tones together and achieve an awesome ombre. Reach for the red, yellow as well as orange tones and create a perfect transition of shades. The cute curls on the trendy ombre will give rise to everyone’s envy.

Eye-Catching Ombre with Red, Yellow and Orange Shades

60. Cinnamon Hair Color Inspiring Women

Karen Elson brought her celebrity look to perfection by highlighting her shoulder-length locks with a cinnamon hair color. The red-haired celebrity modernized her hairstyle with a parted fringe and topped off her gorgeous look with a bold red lipstick.

Cinnamon Hair Color Inspiring Women

61. Tousled Waves in a Dusty Chestnut Shade

For a girly and jovial vibe, you are recommended dyeing your stunning tresses in a dusty chestnut shade like Julia Hafstrom’s. She experimented with this subtle version of a red hair color and rocked her tousled wavy hairstyle with a middle section for a detailed look.

Tousled Waves in a Dusty Chestnut Shade

62. Super Sleek Auburn Hair

Sarah Rafferty pulled off her long tresses in a super sleek way and updated it with a deep side section. To add grace to her look, she tucked the sides behind the ears and brightened her complexion by opting for the lovely auburn hair color. The glossy lipstick and the off-shoulder gown in black provided the desired signature look.

Super Sleek Auburn Hair

63. Exquisite Mohawk Hairstyle in a Vibrant Red Shade

No other hairstyle may be as exquisite and sophisticated as this shaved look with a vibrant red mohawk. Both the sides of the head are perfectly shaved, while the top is left longer and dyed in a pink-undertoned red color for a bolder touch. The roots of the Mohawk are dyed in a black tone, while the rest part is embellished with the crimson shade.

Exquisite Mohawk Hairstyle in a Vibrant Red Shade

64. Red Curly Hairstyle

The fiery red hair color suits Lindsay Lohan’s complexion perfectly. She chose this astounding hair dye for her long curly tresses and chopped subtle layers to make the curls defined. The redhead beauty finished off her luxurious look with a red lipstick and a black gown, embellished with a chic bow.

Red Curly Hairstyle

65. Auburn Tresses with Chestnut Highlights

Julia Roberts has become a symbol of femininity both with her outfits and hairstyles. She opted for a darker shade of the red hair color and accentuated it with chestnut highlights. To get a whimsical look, she rocked lustrous curls starting from the middle section of her locks and stretching to the tips.

Auburn Tresses with Chestnut Highlights

66. Magenta Bob Hairstyle

The magenta hair color was chosen to add brightness and boldness to Lily Collins’ long bob hairstyle. The disheveled waves and the side section brought a modern touch to her lob. The chic celebrity made her fiery red hair color eye-catching by teaming it with a smoky eye makeup and a black gown.

Magenta Bob Hairstyle

67. Red and Black Double Braided Hairstyle

To make impression on your friends, go for the light red hair color idea. Divide your locks into right and left sections. Choose the scarlet shade for one of the sides and reach for a jet-black shade for the other one. To look more eccentric, you may team the bright red with a dark blue shade as well. Create double braids and join them at the back of your head into a cool hairstyle.

Red and Black Double Braided Hairstyle

68. Auburn Ponytail Hairstyle

To rock a simple and classy look, have a look at Emma Stone’s red hair color and hairstyle. She sticks to the lovely auburn shade and pulls her hair back into a sleek low ponytail. Emma Stone fights against flyaways with the help of a styling product and finishes her gorgeous look with a hot red lipstick.

Auburn Ponytail Hairstyle

69. Bright Mahogany Updo Hairstyle

Just a glance at Irina Kravchenko is enough to fall in love with her trendy look. The bright mahogany hair color looks ideal on her messy updo hairstyle. Teaming her cool hair color with a nude makeup, she embraced a fashion-forward look.

Bright Mahogany Updo Hairstyle

70. Auburn Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyle

To show off the youthfulness and the coolness of her look, Annalise Basso gave a try to a chic auburn hair color. She created a fabulous half-up and half-down hairstyle, adding neat waves to her subtle red locks. The natural makeup look and the stud-embellished gown in lace topped off her fashionable appearance.

Auburn Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyle

71. Rainbow Colors for a Tricky Look

Break the standards and shift away from the traditional hair colors. Give a try to new and bewitching color ideas. Play with bright tones and embellish your locks with rainbow shades. Besides the fiery red hue, apply violet, bright yellow as well as blue colors on your curly tresses teamed with a full fringe, touching the brows.

Rainbow Colors for a Tricky Look

72. Beachy Wavy Hairstyle in a Warm Auburn Hair Shade

Agyness Deyn accentuated her medium-length tresses with a warm auburn hair shade and beachy waves. This side-sectioned hairstyle looked perfect with the messy vibe. The fierce red lipstick was an ideal choice for this trendy auburn hair color.

Beachy Wavy Hairstyle in a Warm Auburn Hair Shade

73. Deep Red Hair Color with Subtle Highlights

Chocolate highlights look stunning when added to deep red hair colors. Elizabeth Gillies made a decision to highlight her long wavy locks with a gorgeous mahogany shade. She softened her features with luxurious waves, starting from the middle part of her hair. The brown lipstick was a perfect choice with the chocolate brown hair color, while the black gown gave her a red carpet look.

Deep Red Hair Color with Subtle Highlights

74. Bright Red Crown Braided Hairstyle

Red hair color may be your key to a classy and romantic look if you only choose the right hairstyle and opt for a perfect accessory. Experiment with a crown-braided hairstyle with your bright red locks and opt for a jeweled hairpiece to highlight its beauty. Your fancy look will be guaranteed.

Bright Red Crown Braided Hairstyle

75. Light Copper Sleek Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyles are always eye-catching and trendy when styled perfectly. In case you want to update your dull bob, you may change its color and opt for a light copper hue. Make your bob super sleek, rock it with blunt ends, and pull off a full fringe, grazing the brows. Bryce Dallas Howard may become your inspiration with her light copper hair color and fantastic look.

Light Copper Sleek Bob Hairstyle

76. Mahogany Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Ellie Kemper gave a modern touch to her short bob hairstyle by highlighting it with the mahogany color. She went for cool beachy waves and achieved the desired texture with the side section. It is a fabulous idea to add brightness to your locks with any of the fiery red hair colors.

Mahogany Wavy Bob Hairstyle

77. Bold Fuchsia Hair Color for Women

To accentuate the brightness of your bold red hair shade, you may add lovely highlights and go for a magical fishtail braided hairstyle. This intricate style will emphasize your chic fuchsia hair color, creating a wonderful look.

Bold Fuchsia Hair Color for Women

78. Rich Cinnamon Long Hair

Achieve a statement appearance with your ethereal hair color and hairstyle. Take Debra Messing’s rich cinnamon hair color as your inspiration to a trendy look and make your locks straight with flicked-out ends. Go for a side section like the redhead celebrity and add a bit texture at the top.

Rich Cinnamon Long Hair

79. Golden Red Hair Color

To brighten your dark locks and embrace a gorgeous look, you had better wear Katherine McNamara’s golden red hair color. She made her locks even more outstanding by adding cute curls and going for a middle section. The celebrity’s long golden red tresses were perfectly matched with the V-shaped red gown.

Golden Red Hair Color

80. Warm Strawberry Hair Color

Have a look at Jessica Chastain’s extra popular strawberry hair shade, applied on the middle-sectioned lob hairstyle. She teamed her exquisite and soft hair color with gentle waves. Jessica Chastain pulled off a bright yellow gown to complement the look and spiced it up with a cool necklace made of diamonds.

Warm Strawberry Hair Color