30 Updo Hairstyles & Haircuts for Spring 2017

While the seasonal trends come and go, there are several trends that become classy and remain in the industry forever changing the way people think about this or that hairstyle. Such an example is the updo hairstyles that appear to always be there for evening looks and special occasion styles. To get ready for your next appearance at the upcoming occasion, here we present unbelievably beautiful updo hairstyles gathered in an organized list of 30 looks. Keep reading to get your favorite ones.

Updo Hairstyles & Haircuts

1. Hair Knot with Long Defined Bangs

Face framing strands, defined long bangs and an updo queen hair knot make this special updo hairstyle. This is a hairdo that flatters any type of face shape and hair type. So it seems it is your turn to gather your beautiful hair into a top knot, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Hair Knot with Long Defined Bangs

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2. Faux Hawk Updo with a French Braid

Here is an exquisite updo hairstyle, where we witness the amazing and professional combination of a braided faux hawk, and a beautiful ponytail combined with straight side strands. This glorious updo hairstyle by Jaime King can inspire tons of other braided updos, which you can proudly wear at special occasions and be sure you will shine in a different and special way.

Faux Hawk Updo with a French Braid

3. Special Updo Hairstyle with a Loose Ponytail

Updo hairstyles look awesome when they are gathered in a loose and messy way. This beautiful half-up half-down hairdo can serve as a wonderful option for any type of evening looks. The front bangs are fabulous elements to balance out the face shape, so this updo hairstyle is recommended for almost all face types too.

Special Updo Hairstyle with a Loose Ponytail

4. Chic Messy Updo Hairstyle

While looking for a simple and at the same time chic look, you can consider this messy updo that is combined with center-parted thin bangs. We see the simplicity of the style, and how the textured hair is neatly gathered into a messy bun. The stylist suggests a crown style, which makes the look more gorgeous and enticing.

Chic Messy Updo Hairstyle

5. Sleek Low Bun

Lady Gaga sports a beautiful sleek low bun that is created with the help of straight blonde hair swept neatly to the back. The overall hair is swept to her side. She wears classy eye makeup and nude colored lipstick. So as a result, we get a neat and special look that can be copied for any special event.

Sleek Low Bun

6. Romantic Loose Updo

We are in love with this romantic updo hairstyle with the curly strands left loose on the sides. The stylist opted for a center-parted updo accentuating the romantic and authentic look of the black hair. This updo hairstyle is another red carpet look that can be recreated as a totally attractive special evening look. We recommend wearing it with a classy evening gown with an open neck and shoulders.

Romantic Loose Updo

7. High Classy Updo

All hair is swept to the back and gathered into a classy bulky bun. This updo hairstyle is an example of a gorgeous look that can fit different occasions. As we see, there is no need for any front or side strands, as the key to a successful high updo is the simplicity and the neatness. So consider this “forever in trend” updo hairstyle to shine elegantly.

High Classy UpdoHigh Classy Updo

8. Messy Updo Hairstyle with Natural Curls

Natural curls are gathered into a high messy updo.This look is recommended to those who want to sport authentic looking curly hair and want it gathered. By saying gathered we do not mean a firm updo. A more loose option will fit better for an amazing updo hairstyle that can be accessorized with large hoop earrings just like in the look below.

Messy Updo Hairstyle with Natural Curls

9. Greek Inspired Updo Hairstyle with a Front Braid

Braids are gorgeous elements that can accessorize any type of hairstyle, and special updos are no exception. The look below features a Greek inspired hairdo with a large gorgeous front braid. This is a Greek queen look that can be sported on different types of hair.

Greek Inspired Updo Hairstyle with a Front Braid

10. Side-Swept Bangs for an Updo Hairstyle

We are thrilled with the amazing look of Angela Sarafyan featuring a glamorous and at the same time casual updo. The front hair is all swept to the side and tiny side hair is left to create a romantic look. The famous Armenian beauty goes for red lips to get an elegant and classy look. This type of hairstyles is advised to girls and women with natural hair of any length.

Side-Swept Bangs for an Updo Hairstyle

11. Retro Updo by Christina Ricci

Here is a beautiful retro look from Christina Ricci. If you always admired the simple updos of the ‘60s and ‘70s, make sure you wear this look to recreate the retro mood. This updo is easy to create with the help of finger wave effects on natural hair. The look is elegant and the hairdo helps it to get more classy and exquisite. We are sure this updo will flatter everyone with different types of hair.

Retro Updo by Christina Ricci

12. Simple Hair Knot

The high hair knot has recently become very popular especially among the celebrities who prefer simple but eye-catching looks. This artistic and casual updo bears a lot of elegance and can be compared to any well-done special hairdo. So if you are ready to rock your next special appearance, go for such an exquisite hair knot just like Maria Menounos did.

Simple Hair Knot

13. Sleek Chignon

While talking about elegant updos, chignons are the first idea that comes to mind. This is because they can create an ideal classy look without implementing a lot of hair techniques, effort and time. This chignon is a low updo made with very sleek and straight hair. The front part of the hair is swept to the side closing the large forehead of Jessica Biel. We advise to wear this chignon if you have one-toned hair without color dye techniques.

Sleek Chignon

14. Luxurious Beehive

This luxurious beehive updo is not advised for all kinds of special occasions, as it requires more luxury. So you can go for such an amazingly beautiful beehive updo for the biggest special moments of your life, like a wedding or at least the wedding of a very close person. Janelle Monae chose to accessorize her high beehive with pearls to look more enticing.

Luxurious Beehive

15. Hair Knot with Metallic Band

It is an interesting option to design the simple hair knot with a metallic band. We get this idea from Maisie Williams and we are loving it. She added a silver clip to her casual hair knot and it made a totally different hairdo. Silver accessories are always a great solution to decorate simple hairdos, especially when you have natural hair.

Hair Knot with Metallic Band

16. Twisted Bun

Blake Lively is definitely a celebrity to follow when you want to get ideas for updo hairstyles. Here is an elegant twisted bun, which she wears with very sleek and straight hair. You need to braid your bun into twists and wear it proudly for the special look. It is not advised to leave side strands, because as we see sleek hair brushed to the back goes perfectly with the bun.

Twisted Bun

17. Low Chignon with Front Bangs

As we said above, chignons are a classic solution to opt for, when you want an elegant updo hairstyle. And front bangs can add a lot of flavor to your usual chignon. Felicity Jones went for tight front bangs along with a low chignon to have a super looking updo hairstyle that can fit any type of special event, even red carpet ones.

Low Chignon with Front Bangs

18. Glamorous Braided Updo

Braids match buns and updos so naturally and enticingly that noone can help trying braided updo hairstyles for special occasions. Sometimes you can get a look of a Greek goddess, and sometimes you can avoid too much luxury, and simply go for several tiny twists on you updo hairstyle.

Glamorous Braided Updo

19. Loose Ponytail

This is one of our favorite updo hairstyles on the list, because it bears so much elegance and attractiveness in it. The look basically highlights a loose ponytail, which is not high and not very low. Long front and side bangs are added to the updo to create a more casual style. The stylist also added a bit of volume to the sides to avoid a very skin-tight ponytail.

Loose Ponytail

20. Braided Low Updo

There are types of faces that low buns fit perfectly. Such an example is shown below. A low braided bun creates a beautiful updo hairstyle, which is easy to combine with any type of evening makeup and clothing. The hair is sleekly brushed to the back and no front or side strands are left close to the face. Those who have a large forehead can proudly open it or have the front hair swept to one side to make a more balanced look.

Braided Low Updo

21. Side-Braided Updo Hairstyle

Braids can look beautiful not only combined with buns, but also when pushed to one side. Here is a beautiful and elegant look created with the help of a large side braid. You can decide on the size of the braid. If you have thick hair, then it is a good idea to braid two braids. In any way this look is a mix of elegant and casual styles, so it makes it easier to wear the updo hairstyle with different styles of clothing.

Side-Braided Updo Hairstyle

22. Elegant Updo with a French Braid

French braids are always associated with elegance and feminine looks. The updo hairstyle below is no exception. It features an elegant updo created on the background of the so much popular French braid. The total look of the hairdo is messy and the front strands are all brushed to the back.

Elegant Updo with a French Braid

23. A Beautiful Updo in a Greek Style

Crown braids are a nice way to create a Greek princess look. Many girls and women go for such updo hairstyles when they want to accentuate their feminine and classy look. While choosing this hairdo, make sure your crown braid is neatly braided and gather all of the front strands.

A Beautiful Updo in a Greek Style

24. Loose Updo with a Low Bun

Zendaya Coleman shines in a beautiful loose bun, which can be considered both as retro and modern-time inspired. The straight strands are center parted and all brushed to the back taking over the ears. A small bun is made on a low level and a little bit of volume is added to the top. Voila! The elegant look is ensured.

Loose Updo with a Low Bun

25. Messy Updo Hairstyle

Here is a nice hairstyle idea for those who like to have messy looks on special occasions. By saying messy we do not mean undone, but a slightly artistic look that can fit any occasion. The front bangs are swept to the side and the top part is messy and voluminous. The most important part of this updo hairstyle is to create the messiness professionally so that your hair does not look undone and ugly.

Messy Updo Hairstyle
26. Updo Hairstyle with a Braided Hair Knot

This updo hairstyle is for African women who proudly wear their natural thick hair. An amazingly beautiful braid is braided at the top knot and the rest of the hair is sleekly brushed to the back. This is a wild beauty type that also requires similar makeup and clothing to create a totally gorgeous look.

Updo Hairstyle with a Braided Hair Knot

27. High Updo with a Loose Braid

A charming fishtail braid is braided at the top making a loose updo hairstyle. The fishtail braid is rounded over the top knot and stands high without making too much seriousness. This updo hairstyle fits well th ombre hair where we have different tones at the roots and at the ends. In the example below, the brown strands are swept to the back, and the golden fishtail braid shines beautifully as a top hair knot.

High Updo with a Loose Braid

28. Center-Parted Updo with a French Braid

Here is a truly exquisite look that features a neatly braided and center-parted French braid. This updo hairstyle can be worn on different occasions with different styles of clothing. The most important key is to have a really neat braid without any strands left out. The black hair looks amazing in this style.

Center-Parted Updo with a French Braid

29. Curly Updo Hairstyle

Your curls can look beautiful not only in a loose way, but also pinned up at the top just like in the updo hairstyle idea below. No matter what color your curly strands are, this hairstyle is a beautiful and romantic option for you. We love the way young and classy Nicole Kidman looks in her curly ringlets pinned up in a loose updo hairstyle.

Curly Updo Hairstyle

30. Classic Look with a Beehive Updo

Jennifer Tilly sports a classic beehive for her gorgeous brown hair. The 1960s inspired updo hairstyle nowadays shines on red carpets making the celebrities look classic and perfect. So if you want a different special occasion look, then look for beehive updo tutorials. The most important thing to remember is to have hair ready to add volume, that is to say not washed in the previous 24 hours or having a lot of hair spray on it.

Classic Look with a Beehive Updo